Monday, 22 April 2013

Ladurée, Sydney

A little gift of Ladurée macarons is something that puts a smile on your face and makes that ordinary weekday a little special. The little double-decker macaron was invented in 1930 by the grandson of the original pattisier Louis-Ernest Ladurée, and they are still popular 83 years later. But somehow this trend has not quite stuck with me. 

For those who don't know what macarons are (though it is highly unusual nowadays), they are essentially a meringue cookie sandwich. But I guess if you want me to elaborate more, a filling of flavoured ganache or buttercream is sandwiched between two meringue based cookies. The meringue shells are incredibly sweet and it's the filling that determines what flavour it is. 

I have visited the Ladurée store in Sydney before and people go mental for these things! Before you're even close to the kiosk you know you're close by the sight of the outrageously long queue. Each of the macarons cost extra if you dine in.  

The exuberant packaging
There is extravagant packaging for the macarons. The boutique carry-bag, the ribbon and the box make the macarons more than just sweets but a gift of luxury and decadence. At $3.20 for one petite macaron, I question whether customers are paying for the actual sweet or the gift wrap. 

Photogenic food
There isn't any indication of what the flavours were so it is a tasting game. The green macaron is not pleasant, awful actually and I had no idea what flavour it is. The two chocolate macarons (I'm not sure if there was any distinction between the two) were good! I'm not sure what the pink one was, but it was quite sweet. The vanilla is fine and reminds me of marshmallow. But my favourite is the salted caramel, it's the best and you can't go wrong! 

Ridiculous photogenic confectionary
For those who have not tried a macaron before, whether it's from Ladurée, the Lindt cafe or Adriano Zumbo, give it a go. Macarons are gorgeous and delicate, but it comes at a very luxurious price. 

Level 3 Westfield Sydney
100 Market St 

9231 0491

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