Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Le Pub, Sydney

Whether they be pubs, cafes or restaurant, I love when they're hidden away in alleyways or downstairs where they're slightly secluded and diners have to venture a little beyond just stepping into the front door. The brightly tiled Le Pub sign catches anyone passing by and you are instantly lured to walk down the stairs and into the music of clinking wine glasses. 

The waitress takes us to our table and it is the darkest corner of the gastropub. It's an intimate booth but very dark, we had to steal the candle from the nearby table to see our menus! Even though the rest of the restaurant and pub was quite noisy, it was quiet in our little booth and definitely made it very private and cosy. 

Pie au boeuf bourguignon, $24.00
I've been craving for a pie for a while now and I couldn't be happier to have chosen this to satisfy my pie desires. When the waitress brings this plate piled with comforting goodness my eyes automatically stare at the paris mash, sitting quenelled and beautiful. It's  creamy and there is no doubt butter has been thoroughly whipped into the potato mash. I break the puff pastry case and the aromatic boeuf bourguignon steams out. The pastry is flaky, crispy and the layers within a moist and buttery. I dig into the the boeuf bourguignon and it is heavenly - the perfect winter dish. The beef has been slowly braised, making the meat tender and enriched with the red wine braising liquid. The beef, mushrooms, carrots and ladon are piping hot, and I am instantly comforted. I soak up all the lovely sauce with the pastry and mash, and there is nothing left but crumbs on my plate. Even though we are experiencing 20+ degrees winter days, hot pies are irresistible. 

L'entrecôte, $26.00
Entrecôte is a term that restaurants use for a steak dish, in particular those that are serving French bistro style steak-frites. The 220 grams of scotch fillet is grass fed marble score 2+ from Cape Grim TAS. The meat is cooked to a perfect medium rare, rosy pink and very juicy. The crust has a nice char and is well seasoned. The fries are crispy and fluffy on the inside. The sauce complimenting the steak and fries is Cafe de Paris. When my partner was trying to decide on the sauce the waiter informed us that the Cafe De Paris would have chicken liver in it which made us both a bit puzzled and thought we heard wrong. Lo and behold when the sauce came out, it did have it and it was certainly different to what we've had before. It must have been the chef's little twist to the classic!

Gastropubs are perfect for good food and somewhere to wind down after a long day or week at work. The staff at Le Pub were friendly and helpful. The setting was casual and relaxed. I'm keen to come back to try other items on their menu because I'm convinced they'll be just as good as what we've tasted so far. I love the details that have gone into the decor of the pub, from the stools at the bar to the marble tables. You are no longer in Sydney CBD, but in Paris during the 1800s. 

Le Pub
66 King Street

9262 3277

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