Monday, 14 January 2013

Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato, Enmore


I had been wanting and waiting to go to Cow & The Moon since I first heard about it! I admit, my expectations were high and I was very excited to see what all the fuss was about but I was not at all disappointed! 

It's date night, which means lovebirds are walking slowly and romantically on the streets, hand in hand and glazing upon the starry night sky. That, however, is not the case for all couples. I am excited and giddy as I walk through the streets of Enmore with my partner. I clench his hand as we approach closer and closer to our destination, the infamous Cow and the Moon. My eyes are immediately drawn towards the bright coloured lights outside the cafe; there is no turning back. 

We walk in and there is already a line for gelato. I dodge the queuers and head to the back of the line, ready to start making the decision of the night: what flavour gelato do I get!? The right refrigerator contains various flavours of sorbet. I briefly skim past them as my attention is directed towards the left refrigerator with the creamiest gelato I have heard so much about. I immediately see the words "passionfruit creme" and I am already sold! I also see "dulce le luce" and I know my partner's got his dibs on that. The friendly guy informs us of the 3 different sizes, small (two flavours, $5), medium (three flavours, $6.50) and large (four flavours, $8.50). My partner makes the executive decision and goes for a medium, choosing malti bliss as his second flavour. I, of course cannot say no to a medium and choose cookies and cream for my other scoop. I quickly grab us a seat to ensure our first tasting is not rushed. 

From across the street
Very long queue!
Parisian print on their tables

Left scoop: malti bliss, right scoop: dulce le luce

I think the technical word to describe the gelato is: ahhhmaazzzzinggg. It is so creamy and velvety! The creaminess is gorgeous and actually gave me goosebumps! In fact the consistency reminds me of N2 Extreme Gelato, which is flavoured cream made into ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Though the problem with it being so creamy and luscious is it melts very quickly! Our favourite out of the four flavours we chose was passionfruit creme. It wasn't too tangy or sour and had just the right amount of passionfruit intensity. I will definitely have to come back for seconds! The cookies and cream wasn't bad, tasted just like cookies with cream, unlike the regular kind, which the cookies are all smashed into the cream. I quite liked the dulce le luce, lots of caramel-y goodness. Malti bliss had a hint of mint essence to it which gave it an 'after dinner mint' vibe to it! Apologies for not having a photo of the passionfruit creme and cookies and cream flavours. As I predicted: I took a picture of his gelato, got told that mine was melting so I had to save it, fell in love with it, started eating it all and forgot to take a photo of it. I guess you will just have to go to Cow and the Moon and see (and taste) for yourself! 
The wall of awards

Here are all the awards they have received for their various gelato flavours. They are hung quite high up so it was difficult to make out which flavours got the honourable mention. But we did get a glimpse that the passionfruit creme and pistachio are winners! They also have frappes, smoothies, awards, macarons, chocolates, affogatos, gelato cakes and macadamia meringue! We will be definitely coming back for the pistachio (passionfruit creme again, I'm already craving it!) and the rest! 
Cow & The Moon Artisan Gelato
181 Enmore Rd (Cnr London St)

9557 4255

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