Friday, 25 January 2013

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Chatswood

My partner and I are regulars at New Shanghai and is quite our 'go to' place when we're eating in the north. So when we went there the other night it didn't occur to me I actually had to take photos of the food. So, apologies for the terrible picture, as they mainly consist of the last pieces of the dish. As a noob to food blogging I thought I was simply having a mid-week dinner out! 

The New Shanghai at Chatswood Chase used to be the one we always went to (and still go to if we are craving their Rainbow Beef) but every time we go there I always end up angry or frustrated (or both) with the staff, so we walk a couple of blocks up to Lemon Grove and enjoy the great food without the attitude. We have also discovered that even though they share the same name, the menu from New Shanghai in Lemon Grove has more variety and the dumplings are prepared and cooked with more care. 

I'm not in the mood for too much carbs so we decide to get the pork and chive dumplings ($8.20 for twelve) and the crispy skin chicken ($14.50), which has always been a favourite of ours. We ask for some cold water and the waitress returns with a jug of water with plastic party cups. A bit odd and not very 'restaurant-y' but we also get a pot of tea with real cups. 
Pork and Chive dumplings, $8.20 for twelve
Despite what the picture shows, there were twelve dumplings! None of the dumplings have holes in them which is always good as it locks in the juices/soup. But they are a bit dry and the pork/chive ratio is dominated with more chives. There was a very long wait between the dumplings and the chicken. We were hoping to eat them together. So we ate the dumplings as slow as we could.

Crispy skin chicken, $14.50
It took a while for the chicken to arrive but when it did, there was no disappointment. The sweet soy garlic sauce is simply asking to be eaten. The sauce differs from the one they have at the Chase, which I think I prefer it as it has more garlic and a bit of a chilli kick. The chicken is moist, even the breast was tender and soft. The skin could have been crispier but overall, it is very addictive. There is a lot of sauce on the place so we order the shallot pancake to soak up the sauce. 

Shallot Pancake, $5.20

The shallot pancake comes out a bit too golden brown. The pancake is usually less crunchy; the batter is more soft and chewy with more shallots. This tastes more like pastry than a pancake. If it was eaten for what it was, it wasn't quite what it should have been. But as a mopping device for the delicious sauce, it is great. We even make it into pizza, topping the slices of pancake with sauce and chicken. 

We go here on a regular basis because it's cheap (usually quick), tasty and is great comfort food. Their servings are generous and we are always more than satisfied every time. We would hands down prefer this Lemon Grove branch than the one in Chatswood Chase. The waiters and waitresses greet and take our orders with a smile and that's all we ask for. Anything else is a bonus! 

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
427-441 Victoria Avenue, 

9415 3536

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