Sunday, 3 February 2013

Baroque Bistro Bar Patisserie, The Rocks

Every single time my partner and I have gone to Baroque, it has either been closed or closing. But it's not like we go at ridiculous hours! We have only been able to try it once and it was amazing, which is why we try to go there whenever we're in the city!

Since it was still early when we had finished dinner at Cafe Sydney, we thought we'd take a stroll and head up to Baroque. And what happens? You guessed it, they were closing up. The outdoor furniture was packed up and ready to be put away inside. Since we were already there, we went inside to make sure they weren't close. 

The waitress told us they were in fact closing, and were only serving coffees or teas. I was rather annoyed because it was only 8.30pm so I asked exactly when their opening hours are for future references. She told me they don't really have a strict closing time, it depends if they're busy. I told her about our bad luck with Baroque and she said we could still get the already-made desserts that were in the display cabinets. That was better than nothing because they looked gorgeous and we were psyched we could stay! 

When we chose our desserts and walked further into the dining area, there were still a few tables finishing so we were reassured we weren't going to be the only ones there and could sit back and relax! 
Baroque's chocolate mousse cake, $12.00
Vairhona 'Araguani' chocolate mousse, salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache, mini chocolate macaron
This is glorious and luscious. The chocolate mousse and salted caramel and dark chocolate ganache are incredibly rich. Salted caramel and chocolate have always been a great combination and this shows how well the two work. The flavours are not at all to sweet but I would advise for it to be shared between two. It's quite rich so it may be a bit difficult to finish. The chocolate arch is tempered perfectly, breaking off with a snap. The chocolate macaron is great as expected since Baroque is famous for these little French delights. But the garnish of three little blobs of white chocolate mousse look a bit sad, probably due to our unexpected arrival. The passionfruit sauce underneath is great though! 
Pompadour, $10.00Raspberry mousse, passionfruit cremeux, almond nougatina
I absolutely love this! It is visually appealing and the taste is definitely tangy! The macaron shell doesn't have much flavour as it is usually in the ganache centre. The outer layer is raspberry mousse which is fresh and opens up all my tastes buds. It compliments the passionfruit cremeux (which translates as "creamy", either containing or having the texture of cream). I love passionfruit in desserts so there was no alternative for me! The centre holds the almond nougatina which is a sponge-like cake. The cranberries are so pretty and too pretty to eat, they indeed are as they are SO sour! They definitely had to be eaten with the white chocolate or the chocolate ganache in the mousse cake. 

Great desserts, great location! I still have to come back for their lunches and dinners! Though a tip for wanderers looking for dessert: call them up first to see if they're open. Baroque's patisserie is a true competitor against Zumbo! They are just as creative and delicious as each other! 

Baroque Bistro Bar Patisserie
88 George St, 
The Rocks 

9241 4881

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