Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kitchen By Mike, Roseberry

Food is fresh and seasonal. There is a new spread every day. The queues are long. And it is incredibly hipster. I think that sums up Kitchen By Mike

Since the line was very long that day, I took the time to take some happy snaps of the huge warehouse turned into a cafeteria-like cafe. Even though we raced to get onto the end of the line, I actually had no idea what I was going to get. So if you plan to go to KBM, I suggest you go with a buddy so one of you can stand in line while the other has a peek at what they have that day. Their Facebook page does have a daily update of the menu but I'm more of a visual person so take your pick! 

Bread! Sold by slice, $3.50 or loaf, $12.00
We finally got to the beginning of the line and the loaves of bread sitting in the glass cabinet are so tempting! If I were to buy, I would definitely get the whole loaf as $3.50 is a bit pricey for a slice. I was pretty starving when I got to the beginning of the line so it was very tempting to just buy the loaf and rip open the fresh sourdough.. But I retained myself and waited patiently for our turn.

Rosewater and pistachio meringues
These beauties are so pretty that I couldn't help taking numerous photos of them (and I didn't upload all of them to hide my obsessiveness). They are very sneaky to have placed a basket of them near the front of the line, almost like what they do in supermarkets where they have chocolate bars at the cash register, so they're an instant impulse buy! They're so picture perfect, how can you not buy one!?
Busy kitchen, continuously pumping out food

Lunch is served!

Sweet delights

Wood roast chicken with grapes and tarragon verjus, $12.00
peach, fennel, rocket prosciutto salad, $7.00
My partner got the roast chicken, they let him choose which part of the chicken he wanted, and they suggested to get the wing because it's the biggest piece. To be frank, not a very big serving for the price! The chicken is a bit dry but the verjus is lovely. They pour it using a big teapot which is quite cute. The grapes give a bit of acidity to it. The peach salad was brought out just as we were ordering so it is definitely fresh! The variety of features work well together. Only problem with all of this, is there isn't enough!

Roast pumpkin, cumin onions & burratta tartine, $10.00
fresh figs, chickpea & radicchio salad, $7.00
I loved my array of food on my plate! I think my roast pumpking tartine was the best value and the tastiest! The pumpkin is roasted till they're sweet and soft. The cumin is the star as it flavours the pumpkin, onions and burratta. The tartine is toasted so it's crunchy but may be a little too much as it is a black on the edges. I would definitely get this again! The fig and chickpea salad was another winner, the perfect combination! The fresh fig is sweet and works wonders with the chickpeas and radicchio. I could have easily eaten a plate of this salad myself!
Rosewater and pistachio meringue, $4.00
When my partner and I took a mouthful of the meringue we instantly fell in love with it! It is so light and has the smallest hint of rosewater which I much prefer as it can be overpowering. It's a weird feeling to have when eating food, but i felt very girly and pink as I kept on eating it! The pistachio didn't play a major role, only for visual presentation as it didn't have much flavour. The meringue was cooked perfectly, sweet and crisp on the outside, and gooey on the inside. A little bit of heaven!
Sugar cubes on the table

Iced Vietnamese coffee, $5.00
It was another 30-something degree day so we opt for a cool and refreshing iced Vietnamese coffee! We hadn't had one in Sydney since we came back from our holiday in VIetnam a year ago so we were excited for this. The condensed milk was the perfect sweetener for the espresso coffee as it has a bit of caramel flavour. It was difficult to pace ourselves and not drink it all in one slurp! This is the perfect caffeinated beverage on a hot summers day! 

Beyond the kitchen is showroom displayed with gorgeous furniture, gardening and kitchen utensils, jewellery, bedlinen and their workshop for creating prints. It's the place to wander around and choose the items you would purchase if you suddenly got the hold of a large amount of money. The pieces may be beautiful but the prices are dear. I guess that's also how I would describe the food. It is very delicious, no doubt about that, but a touch pricey. Kitchen By Mike definitely know what they're doing to attract the masses but I would suggest it for a special weekend brunch!

Kitchen By Mike
85 Dunning Ave

9280 0999

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