Tuesday, 22 January 2013

St Malo Bakery, Crows Nest

This is my first blog post with more than one other diner which makes this very exciting as there are more dishes to try and more than a couple of photos! My sister and her fiance are in town from Melbourne and we decide to go to St Malo Bakery, in my opinion, the best local cafe for food and coffee!  

It's quite busy when we arrive, but I quickly spot a table down towards the back and I race to get hold of it for our table of five. They have a 'pay and order at the cashier' system so we take turns at the counter to ensure we still have our table! The bakery is filled with freshly made sourdough loaves, pastries, muffins, scones, sandwiches and cakes but also has a kitchen menu for those who want a substantial breakfast, brunch or lunch! Everything is delicious so it takes us a little while to figure out what we want!

Skim latte, $3.30
The coffee is good, strong but not burnt, just as a good cup (glass) of coffee should be! 

Iced mocha, $4.90
My sister's iced mocha looks delicious, and she confirms it's perfect! I'm definitely keen to try one of their iced drinks for next time, as the 'iced caramel latte' and the 'jam donut shake' have definitely caught my eye! 
Spanish Onion & Fetta & Thyme Scone, $3.00
The scone is the first to arrive and it looks rather plain and ordinary. My sister takes a bite, her eyes widen and immediately makes sure everyone has a try! I cannot say no to scones so I have some and it is lovely! It's slightly sweet from the caramelised onion and also savoury from the fetta and thyme. A perfect combination for breakfast! 
Toasted brioche with banana, mascarpone and maple syrup, $16.00
The brioche is sweet, but not overly done. It reminds me of the bread you get from Asian bakeries like Bread Top. The banana, mascarpone and maple syrup are the perfect accompaniment to the brioche, jazzing it up but also letting the brioche sing out. 

Organic scrambled eggs on Toast, $10.00, with avocado, $3.00
The sourdough toast is crunchy and irresistible with butter. But the scrambled eggs is a bit disappointing. I was hoping the eggs would be silky but there is too much milk which has made the texture mushy. It didn't really feel like I was eating egg. The avocado is fine, just needs some seasoning on top for it to come alive. 

Organic poached eggs on toast, $10.00, with mushrooms, $3.00, and haloumi, $3.00
Mum has the poached eggs, which she also thought lacked in flavour. The multigrain toast isn't as good as the white sourdough but the mushrooms and halloumi are great extras to the eggs on toast. The mushrooms look very black but they are not overcooked and still had firmness to them. The halloumi has great saltiness to them which flavour the eggs.  

Croque monsieur, $15.00
The last time I was at St Malo, I ordered the croque monsieur and from what my sister's fiance thought, it is still great! It's got the perfect balance of cheese and ham. The sourdough is toasted well and a loud crunch is made when it gets bitten into. But I am told the side salad is a bit of a miss as the leaves are wilted. Despite this, I would happily order this when I go next time! It is also incredibly filling! 

Despite a few misses, this is still definitely my go to place! I love a good hearty brunch and whenever I leave we always manage to buy a loaf of sourdough to go! I want to try a few more of their pastries, muffins and the sweet dishes on their kitchen menu. I'm definitely looking forward to another outing to St Malo!

St Malo Bakery
83 Willoughby Rd 
Crows Nest

9906 6256

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