Monday, 11 February 2013

Smash Sausage Kitchen, Newtown

When it's pouring down with rain and weather is cold and chilly, Smash Sausage Kitchen is the go-to destination for comfort food. The only other time my partner and I have been, the weather was also depressing. But after settling yourself with a plate of their homemade sausages and mash, any desire to curl up in a blanket and snuggle in front of a fire is soon forgotten. 
Complimentary sweet potato chips

The sweet potato chips always a crowd pleaser. They're crunchy and crispy, the perfect snack to have when you're trying to decide what to order from the menu! Since our last visit, the menu has been updated, making it more self-explanatory on how to "smash up"!   

First, choose the sausage you want (one sausage $15.00, two sausages $18.00,  three sausages $21.00, four sausages $24.00) out of nine different flavours (eight our gluten-free friendly). If you get more than one, you can mix and match! Second, choose your mash, out of four assorted creamy mash potato. But if you're not feeling up for mash (which is absurd!) you can have a choice of chips, salad or veg. Third and last step, choose your sauce: gravy, chutney or sauce! 
The man sitting on the table next to us is attempting to eat a a giant sausage, equivalent to 10 sausages, for Smash's new competition! Unfortunately he doesn't beat the last best time, which I overhear is just under 30 minutes, but he manages to eat it all and that's applaudable! Aside from the giant sausage, there's also a great heap of mash and gravy. Even though my partner is slightly curious to compete, I assure him it's a much better idea to be able to enjoy and taste the sausages rather than stuff your face as quickly as possible and probably not move for the next two days. But it's all just some good competitive fun, are you game? 

Honey chicken & macadamia and old English pork sausages, creamy potato mash, with rosemary and garlic gravy $18.00
The food comes out and it is homey, unpretentious and humble. The portions look small (my partner thinks he should have ordered three sausages instead) but I assure you, it is plenty (when we finished he was glad with the two sausage decision). The honey chicken & macadamia is great, the honey can be overpoweringly sweet at times but if you eat it with the potato mash and gravy, it's the perfect mouthful. The old English pork is just a classic and goes down well with the gravy. Since the last time, their gravies are much better and this rosemary and garlic gravy in particular wins my vote! The creamy potato mash is perfect! It is indeed creamy, but not at all drowned with butter. The potato is definitely retained and I can't get enough of it! 

My partner chose the beef & Guinness, chicken, goats cheese & caramelised onion sausages, creamy potato with bacon & leek and traditional gravy. The beef & Guinness is quite macho with its flavours, bold and strong. He loves it! The chicken, goats cheese & caramelised onion is surprisingly very nice! I don't really like goats cheese, but the amount in the sausage is very subtle and just adds creaminess to it. The caramelised onion makes it sweet, so the three ingredients work perfectly. The creamy potato with bacon & leek is more gutsy than mine, hint of sweetness from the leeks and saltiness from the bacon gives it more flavour. The traditional gravy is good, bringing all the components home!

Sticky Date Pudding with salted macadamias, hot butterscotch sauce & ice cream, $9.00
The sticky date pudding is exactly what I'm after on this freezing summer's day. The pudding is warm and fluffy. The hot butterscotch sauce is sweet and heavenly when eaten with the pudding. It also comes with vanilla ice cream, but it's too sweet, probably a confectionary supermarket bought ice cream. But the dessert as a whole is the perfect finish to a very hearty dinner. 

When we had finished our meal, I told my partner it felt like I just got a giant hug. Everything is just so lovely and comforting. The waitpeople are helpful. The manager/owner always greets his customers with a smile and a quick chat before they leave. I'm very happy when I return to Smash Sausage Kitchen, because I know the food is guaranteed delicious  and the vibe is casual and relax. I can't wait for another cold day to come, so we can go back for some more bangers and mash! 

Smash Sausage Kitchen
512 King St, 


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