Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Watermoon, Potts Point

It's not often that I go to a restaurant without doing some research. But since this time it was my partner's friend who was deciding on the restaurant, I put my dinner fate in his hands. To my relief it was a very enjoyable meal! 

We got there a bit early, a bit before 7.00pm and the restaurant had a couple of diners. We are given some complimentary edamame to snack on as we looked through the menu and waited for our third party to arrive. This is when I discover their early bird dinner special! It requires you to order before 7.00pm which we just happened to catch! I chose the terriyaki salmon ($17.00) while my partner orders the kaarage chicken ($15.00). Each of the specials inclues miso soup, side dish, sashimi (or tempura prawns) and rice. That's what I love about Japanese and Korean food, the accompanying little dishes that allow you to get a taste of everything! Our friend joins us, he also orders the chicken. 

Seaweed salad, miso soup and sashimi
The miso soup is lovely, just hot enough (but not so much that I burn my tongue like I do almost every time) and flavoursome, without it being just salty. The seaweed salad is refreshing, standard sesame oil dressed seaweed with some leaves underneath. I enjoy the sashimi immensely, each type of fish is sweet and sliced well. The tuna doesn't have a grainy text but silky smooth. The kingfish is light and the salmon, even though it is sliced thicker than the others, it gives it great bite and is very enjoyable. 

Tempura prawns
My friend tells me the tempura prawns have great crunch from its batter and the prawns are not overcooked. It comes with a dipping sauce in a bowl a bit big compared to the amount of prawns.. 

Karaage chicken
The kaarage chicken looks and tastes great. The batter is light and not at all soaked in oil. It gives great crunch to the moist chicken. I love that they're big pieces so you get full mouthfuls of the tasty fried chicken. The tartar sauce works wonders with the chicken as it gives it slight edge to the deep fried batter. My partner loved this and thought it was one of the better kaarage chicken he's had! 
Terriyaki salmon
My terriyaki salmon looks (sorry for the shaky photo) tasty, covered with the slick sauce. Unfortunately they have overcooked the salmon as it is dry and does not easily flake away.  It is disappointing as I was hoping for a velvety texture but the terriyaki sauce makes up for it. The salad is great, with its sesame dressing over the leaves. 
The rice is served in a very adorable miniature bowl. It was plenty of rice for me, but I have a feeling the boys would have wanted a slightly bigger portion. 

All in all a great meal at a great price! I definitely need to come back to try other items on their menu. I'm keen to try their eggplant with sweet miso sauce, bbq calamari and their sushi rolls! Our waitress was lovely and was always smiling. I just have to make sure we get there after 7.00pm next time or else I'll be tempted to order the special again! Oh, and it's only a 10 minute stroll from Messina! ;)

176 Victoria St
Potts Point

9331 8850

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