Thursday, 14 March 2013

Glass, Sydney

This was our second visit to Glass and it was much different to the first. The first time my partner and I went it was winter and it was already dark in the early evening. We were seated in a cosy spot in the restaurant and eating by candlelight - it was all very romantic. However the second time we went was a completely different experience, not in a bad way, just a little bit different. 

We sat on table number 1, right next to the kitchen. As someone who loves watching food television shows it was fascinating seeing service performed right in front of me. And it was exactly as hectic and dramatic as it is on TV which I was surprised to discover. They do say "OUI CHEF", "HOW LONG FOR MY STEAK!?" "4 MINUTES", "WHERE IS MY MARGHERITA PIZZA!?" and "2 BARRUMUNDIS, 2 SOUFFLES". Yes, they shout - not a great spot to sit at if you're after a quiet romantic dinner... 

Beautiful high ceiling

The backdrop of wines

Our entertainment for the evening

Daily special
The table next to us ordered the paella and it looked absolutely amazing! We could smell all the lovely fresh seafood next to us, it was so tempting to ask if we could try some! But I noticed the couple didn't even finish half of the paella which is a bit disappointing and a waste of great food and all the efforts the chefs put into making it! I could hear the waiter trying to convince them to take the rest away or squeeze another bite or two. He tried!

Homemade bread
Their bread is absolutely amazing because it's made every morning at the restaurant. There are two types, a plain white and a dried fruit. I don't like dried fruit, at all, so it came to a surprise to me when I enjoyed eating the bread so much! I think it has thyme in it which gives it a sweet and savoury combination. The olive oil is great, which our waiter informs us is a Luke Mangan product that we can purchase. He was hard-selling quite a bit that evening. 

Beef City eye fillet, grain fed Black Angus 250g grilled asparagus & tomato chutney, $49.00
There are a couple of choices on the menu that is the "healthy option" and this happened to be one of them. I requested my steak to be cooked medium-rare but the Beef City eye fillet was slightly more to the rare side but I wasn't too fussed about this. There was a beautiful crust on the outside which gave it extra flavour. It was perfectly seasoned, i could even see salt flakes sprinkled over. The grilled asparagus were beautiful, nice and charred. I didn't really like the tomato chutney, it essentially was a raw tomato sauce which I don't think works well with a beautiful cut of steak. I understand it was a "healthy option" but I felt like it wasn't complimenting the steak very well. The micro leaf salad was absolutely gorgeous. I'm not entirely sure what the dressing was but there was a strong aroma of truffles and that brought it home! This was a fantastic steak meal! 

       Greenham TAS dry-aged rib eye 450g garlic mushrooms, house made bbq sauce  $66.00
My partner's rib eye was cooked to medium-rare as request. It was "the best steak" he had ever eaten, so that's definitely something to note! The outside was nice and charred which gave it a great crust. I tried some of the bbq sauce and it was quite tangy and full on, not something that I really like but he loved it! The garlic mushrooms were great! There was an array of different kinds so every mouthful contained different textures. 

Mash, $10.00
As you can see, this is quite the buttery mash and it of course makes is delicious and silky! Though I think I prefer the mash from Cafe Sydney as it makes sure the potato isn't overwhelmed with butter. But then again, who doesn't love buttery goodness!?
Laguoile steak knife
Since the last time we were here, Glass has updated their steak knives and boy are they an upgrade! They are Laguoile steak knives and it made it incredibly easy to cut the pieces of steak. It was like cutting through butter! These knives are definitely on the wish list! 

Dessert menu

Close up of dessert menu
By the time it was dessert time we were both stuffed! But the dessert menu looked incredibly appetising! I think if I had to choose one, I would go for the toffee souffl√© with pecan butter ice-cream. A little sad that we didn't get any, but I guess it's another reason for us to come again! 

It's not a weekly occasion that you get to go to Glass. In fact, it's more of a once a year type of restaurant. Thanks to our best friends, the Entertainment Book, we have the opportunity to go once a year at a very good deal of receiving a complimentary main meal when purchasing another. It's not a bad deal! One-hatted restaurant quality food and service at the price of under $30pp is very reasonable. Overall a very pleasant evening; more than satisfactory steaks and very (a bit too) attentive service. It's not everyone's cup of tea to see the kitchen in action because there's a lot of shouting and a generous amount of swearing. Perhaps the staff should be a little weary of this when seating customers too close to all the action or they should dial down the craziness. 

Level 2, 488 George St

9265 6068

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