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Ryo's, Crows Nest

Before I began writing this food blog, I had been to Ryo’s countless of times! After I started, we just never found the right time to go. But on this lucky Sunday evening, we had no plans, no prior engagements which mean I was finally able to write a blog post on my favourite ramen noodle house!

Ryo’s is located away from the main street where majority of the shops are. I was introduced to Ryo's a while back and haven't stopped going since. It's a cute little dainty place that is always busy and queuing is all part of the Ryo’s experience. I would suggest going before 6.30pm if you don't want to line up and remember they're closed on Wednesdays (I've accidentally gone twice by mistake)!

No queue outside Ryo's!? Unheard of!

Japanese menu on the wall

And on the other wall! 

For a mere $3.50, you can order a second serve of noodles, which is great for all those hungry eaters. The bowls may look small but the noodles and soup fill you up pretty quickly so make sure you take a couple of minutes to digest before ordering more! They also have a kid’s ramen size for $9.00, which I saw a woman order, as well as a plate of veg - a great idea if you're not after too much carbs! 

The menu

So, you've got your pork soup that can be salt or miso flavoured (both thick), chicken soup (a thin broth), cold noodles, rice dishes (it's accommodating to have that option, but no one should really go to Ryo's for anything but ramen), kids portions and sides (steamed veg, corn, butter, egg, roasted pork and kaarage chicken). 

If you're twirling your thumbs while you're waiting for your noodles (which usually isn't more than ten minutes) go pour yourself some water and get some pickled ginger, which I believe they pickle themselves because every time the intensity of the ginger differs! The water and pickled ginger are located on the bench, which everyone knows the customs of GIY (getting-it-yourself)!

Ramen in miso flavoured soup with roasted pork, shallots and bamboo shoots, $14.50
As usual, my partner goes for the pork soup because it has a more intense flavour and the consistency is thicker. I try some and it's quite salty and it is very rich. He comments on how good the egg is this time around, the yolk is soft and silky. Seeing as he enjoyed it so much, I give him mine! 

Ramen in Tokyo style soy sauce flavoured soup with roast pork, egg, bamboo shoots and nori $13.50

I almost always order ramen in chicken soup because it has a milder flavour that I love (and he hates). I take a spoonful and it's just as great as I remember. The noodles are nice and chewy, the perfect texture to slurp through. The roast pork has just the right amount of fat which makes is moist and soft. I don't really like the bamboo shoots that are in ramen but I still try it anyway and the odd flavours that I dislike come back to me. I like to eat the nori last, as half of it is soaked in the broth. It is the perfect finish to a meal that is always comforting and satisfying. 

If you're having trouble choosing a ramen, why not look at Ryo's top ranking ramens? 
I love Ryo's because it's cute, small, authentic and there's no fuss to it. It's not pretentious, it doesn’t try to live up to anything nor win any food critic's heart. It's fast food (minus the queuing time) because you go there for ramen, you eat and then you leave. It's not a place for diddy-daddling. You go there for Sydney's best ramen and that is exactly what you get. 

125 Falcon St
Crows Nest

9955 0225

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