Thursday, 2 May 2013

Coffee Culture, Bowral

The first pit stop of a road trip is essential and usually very necessarily. Firstly, it's where you "revive" (that's right Dr Karl, I listen) but secondly you feel like you've stepped into a wonderland where there's a bathroom, food and seats that don't make you feel nauseated. It doesn't even entirely matter if the quality is even that good, because the moment you step in, it is a sanctuary. 

After a good two hours of driving, we had finally arrived at Bowral, a lovely town filled with fresh icy air. Whenever we go somewhere to eat, we're usually quite on top of things like we've done our research on Urbanspoon. But after driving with no breakfast in our stomachs, we weren't fussed with what we had. 

Coffee Culture is hidden away, only having those in the know venturing down a little alley. It's quite a spacious cafe and we're so grateful to see something opened! 

They made a bit of a mistake writing the menu which my partner and I were laughing at for a good few minutes. If you can read it, it says "Scrambled eggs w/ feta & baby". 

Soy latte, $4.00 
My partner's coffee wasn't bad, but just a tad burnt. I'm still on the fence about being given the chocolate Tiny Teddy. It's kind of cute and it triggers nostalgic conversations but no one under the age of 5 eat Tiny Teddies!

Fresh OJ, $3.00
It is fresh! Not bad! I prefer having a non-dairy drink in case I still feel nauseated from the drive. 

Free range scrambled eggs with New York toast, $8.50
As great as it is to have buttery scrambled eggs, these eggs only taste of butter and nothing else unfortunately. But they're alright because they're very creamy! It could have done with a few more slices of bread considering he got the end pieces. 

BLT, aioli, lettuce, tomato, bacon on Turkish, $11.50
I was happy with my BLT! You can never go wrong with bacon so I was a happy camper. Although the lettuce has been replaced by rocket. The Turkish bread is nicely toasted, buttered and also covered with aioli. A little bit expensive for just a sandwich but it was everything that I wanted so I not too many complaints.

When I'm on holidays or going away for a weekend, for some reason the price of things don't matter as much. I always say "Oh it's okay, I'm on holidays!" I wonder if this is just me. Coffee Culture isn't a bad pitstop for some breakfast and drinks. But I know there are plenty of other cute cafes around the town that we could've tried if we weren't so damn hungry and in a rush to Kangaroo Valley!

Coffee Culture
Shop 6
Empire Cinema Complex
Bong Bong St

4862 2400

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