Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Linda's on King Street, Newtown

I love passing through Newtown because I always discover new restaurants that pop up and ones that have been there for years that I've never noticed. There are so many along King Street that it's difficult to keep up with what's new and what's not! Linda's On King Street is clearly a local favourite with regulars coming in, already with reservations probably booked weeks ago! We were fortunate enough to snatch a table for two because someone had cancelled. It's a very relaxed setting, beautiful candle holders and everyone is happily chatting over each other. Only downside is that inside the restaurant it is very hot! We're both fanning away and we're so grateful for the cold water given to us. 

Complimentary bread
The bread is fresh and the soft butter spreads easily. It's thoughtful when restaurants provide bread, it can settle the stomach in case it's a long wait for the food to arrive and can be used to soak up any delicious sauce! 

Sweet potato chips with aioli, $6.50
I couldn't get enough of these. I'm craving for them as we speak! Lightly sprinkled with salt, the sweet potato chips were piping hot and ready to be dipped into the velvet aioli. There was a perfect amount of acidity and garlic in the aioli that was the perfect sauce for the very sweet chips. I think we need to start replacing regular potato chips with these! 

Crispy skin roast pork with potatoes and baked apple puree, $28.00
My partner chose one of the specials of the night and it was generous and tasty! I had a taste of it and I found it a little bit salty. The pork skin was crispy and the meat was tender. The potatoes were soft and were nicely roasted on the outside. It was also served with baked apple puree which helped break up the saltiness of the pork. Adding some greens would have probably been better just to lighten the dish and give it some freshness and crunch.

Pan-fried barramundi fillet, saffron potatoes, shellfish broth, mussels, clams and aioli, $29.00
I absolutely devoured my plate of food, it was great! The barramundi was perfectly cooked, the fish was sweet and tender. I actually thought it didn't need the aioli (I know, I can't believe I just said that) because it was flavoursome on its own that it didn't need anything to compliment it. The mussels and clams were plump and juicy. The shellfish broth was quite salty but it was definitely fragrant. The potatoes scream saffron and tastes great with the aioli. There is so much on the plate that I actually don't manage to finish my potatoes. An incredible fish dish!  

Linda's dessert tasting plate, $22.00
I was craving for dessert so I made the executive decision and ordered the dessert tasting plate even though there were speculations and uncertainty that we wouldn't finish it. If it's delicious and you're determined, you can ALWAYS finish dessert. The chocolate mousse with honeycomb was rich and dark. The texture was gloriously smooth and the bitter honeycomb was definitely crunchy. This is definitely how a mousse should be! The raspberry ice cream with fairy floss was a stark contrast to the mousse but it was great to switch between the two. The ice-cream was sour and gave you the inevitable brain freeze. The warm ginger cake with butterscotch sauce was very comforting as the moist ginger cake made my tastebuds settle from the ice-cream's tang. It was slightly burnt on the edge but it a generous slice on its own would be a sufficient winter dessert. The rosewater pannacotta was soft and luscious, the perfect pannacotta consistency - the right amount of gelatin that it would stand up on its own but still melted in the mouth. Of course I left the best for last which was the highly anticipated passionfruit creme brûlée! The caramelised sugar topping was broken with a loud crack where Inside was a silky passionfruit custard with a solid amount of the fruit flavour.  

I couldn't think of a better place to have dinner when you want great (and a bit special) food in a very relaxed atmosphere. The food is cooked well and the flavours all work, you definitely end up getting comfortably immersed in the food and the conversation you have with your company. Linda's On King Street is a lovely little spot that ensures minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment. 

Linda's On King Street
341 King Street

9550 6015

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  1. The pork belly looks awesome, I walked past this place a few times but never actually paid much attention to it.

  2. Hi Kara, i'm organising the annual food bloggers meetup but couldn't find an email on your blog can you please email me asap? susan@chocolatesuze.com