Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fish on Parkyn, Mooloolaba

Whenever I'm on holidays, whether it be a whole month overseas or just a weekend away, I get a bit adventurous and don't mind going for a bit of a wander, maybe even getting a bit lost. When we stayed at Mooloolaba Beach in Queensland the other weekend, the chilled and breezy vibe was very calming when we ended up getting a bit lost on our way to Fish on Parkyn. The weather was amazing for winter, warm enough to wear a short-sleeve but still a bit cool to not pack the jeans away. The walk ensured we had a large enough appetite to consume the anticipated seafood feast.

Hervey Bay scallops, carrot and coriander and ginger wasabi mayonnaise, half dozen $19.50
These scallops absolutely melted in my mouth - amazing! The scallops were cooked perfectly, sweet and soft but still firm. The carrot puree gave it a slight sweetness and the coriander made it light and refreshing. The ginger wasabi mayonnaise was so tasty and addictive, it gave the scallops that extra bit of creaminess. I could have easily eaten a dozen to myself! We were so tempted to order more but I knew there was going to be lots more food to come! 

BBQ seafood plate - Moreton Bay bug, Mooloolaba prawns, fresh Tasmanian salmon, Hervey Bay scallops, house cut fries, $37.50 
The BBQ seafood was all simply prepared and retained their original flavours as they weren't overpowered by any heavy sauces or seasoning. It was great seeing the scallops again but without the ginger wasabi mayonnaise and coriander, it lacked some of its flavour. The other flavours on the plate were much stronger than the scallops so make sure you eat them first! The prawns were great, juicy and perfectly cooked, not at all grainy. The salmon fillet was delicately cooked and the flesh was softy and silky. Unfortunately there wasn't much meat on the bug so it was a bit difficult to taste or eat anything substantial. I really enjoyed the coleslaw! It was made up of cabbage, rocket and orange segments with a light mayonnaise dressing which worked well with all the seafood. The house cut fries were chunky, crispy yet fluffy inside, just the way I like them! A plentiful plate of seafood and sides!

Tamarind whole snapper with jasmine rice, $42.00 for large fish
As our lovely waitress brought out the fish she apologised that the fish was presented lying on its side because it usually stands up right! It wouldn't have mattered which way it was standing, a whole fish is just mesmerising! There was actually plenty of meat on the fish and it was fun dissecting it, pulling it apart and having a bit of fun getting messy! The fish is soft and the batter is crispy. We couldn't get enough of the tamarind sauce, if only there was more rice to mop it all up!

For those who are staying at Mooloolaba I insist you try Fish on Parkyn for their exceptional food and friendly service. We couldn't have been treated better by our attentive waitress who gave suggestions and always made sure we were enjoying our meal, which of course we did! It's definitely a place for a special occasion but I assure you will have a lovely spoilt evening! 

Fish on Parkyn
20 Parkyn Parade


07 5444 4711

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