Monday, 5 August 2013

Coco Cubano, Crows Nest

There are so many options to have dinner in Crows Nest, it's difficult to choose between the burger joints and Italian restaurants on Willoughby Road, and the Indian and Japanese restaurants on Pacific Highway. The decor of Coco Cubano is very stylish, from the stools and couches to the lights. But the atmosphere remains comfortable and casual. Coco Cubano is still a relatively new eatery and since I haven't tried it and have heard good things, my friend and I decided to give it a go! 

If a restaurant is opened for business for dinner I prefer having table service than placing my order at the counter. The table that was sitting next to us ordered a lot of food and kept on having to get up every time they wanted something else, it felt like their meal was a bit disruptive because of this. Paying at the counter for breakfast and lunch is totally fine but maybe changing it to table service in the evening may give it a better dining experience because currently there is no customer service given. 

Cake cabinet
Table number
Cute table number box but it's a tad big so it takes up a bit of the table. I like the candle because it's safe but a little less romantic than a real one. 

Fajitas with halloumi, tortilla, fresh salsa, salad, guacamole & sour cream, $15.90
I enjoy ordering the vegetarian option when I'm out and about with girlfriends so choosing halloumi for dinner was a no brainer! I was so pleased to find the halloumi not dry and rubbery which I was expecting since I wasn't eating it fresh from the hot pan. It was soft and had that delicious saltiness that I would swap with any meat any day! There were four pieces of tortillas, I'd prefer to have less pieces but bigger in size because it made construction a little bit difficult. I was hoping the guacamole was less pureed, I prefer the avocado taste and texture to be more prominent. The rocket leaves and fresh tomato salsa made it light and probably more suitable for a warmer night. 

Quesadillas with smokey beans, fresh salsa, guacamole, cheese & pickles, $13.90
The quesadillas arrived on a big plank and the serving was huge! The tortilla was toasted so it was crispy and the cheese melted, encasing all the filling. I had a taste of the quesadillas and I thought the filling was all blended together and I couldn't quite taste the different elements. Perhaps if I tried it when it first came out and it was still warm then it would have been a different story. 

I'm keen to go back and try their tapas. I found it to be a very comfortable place to sit and chat for hours with friends over food. And thats exactly what you need for a mid-week hump day dinner - somewhere to chill and look forward to the weekend ahead! 

Coco Cubano
52 Willoughby Rd Cnr Clarke St
Crows Nest 

9437 6257

Also located at Darlinghurst, Kensington, Parramatta and Rouse Hill Town Centre 

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