Monday, 5 August 2013

Kürtősh, Crows Nest

Kürtősh is one of the very few late night dessert places that isn't an ice-creamery or a frozen yoghurt stand. And it is SUCH a relief that is exists! It's lovely to continue the evening somewhere warm and cosy which doesn't necessarily involve alcohol! But then again I'm a little biased, I choose cake over alcohol any day! 

These are Hungarians' oldest pastries, kürtőskalács, also known as chimney cakes. The first time I had this was at the Kürtősh at Randwick but since they're quite carby and we were full from dinner I gave it a miss this time. But they're great to share with someone - soft sweet bread in a fun curl!     

Mmm cake...

Passionfruit cheesecake (50g) and raspberry & coconut mousse (50g), $4.50/100g  
The beauty about ordering the slab cakes at $4.50/100g is that you can order unlimited types of cake at whatever weight! It's like ordering at the candy bar at the cinemas but with cake which of course is so much better! I've gotten the raspberry & coconut mousse almost every time and I'm not about to stop! The raspberry topping is tangy and contrasts nicely with the smooth coconut mousse. There are coconuts bits in the mousse, giving it texture and heightens the coconut presence. The passionfruit cheesecake is very light and is definitely not a dense cake. It's velvety and the biscuit base is spiced up with ground macadamia nuts. 

Peanut butter & chocolate ganache (100g), $4.50/100g
The peanut butter & chocolate ganache is perfect for all those sweet tooths. It has a chocolate biscuit base, crispy and crunch. The peanut butter cream is light but incredibly rich in flavour so the thin layer is plenty. The chocolate ganache is smooth and is nicely contrasted with the broken pieces of peanuts sprinkled on top. 

I will definitely make the effort next time to try their other slab cakes as there are so many! Of course the more people you go with, the more cakes you can taste so make sure you bring a group with you next time - get someone to buy the kürtőskalá and each of you should get at least 3 different kinds of cake! Only then can you properly say you've had dessert!

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